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How to Seduce Your Nigerian Lover: 10 Must-Know Tips

Nigerian women are exotic, sexy, intelligent, and know how to make a man happy. They are also very loyal, understanding, patient, and loving towards those they care about most.

It is not unheard of for men from all parts of the world to travel to Africa, specifically Nigeria in hopes to meet the future woman of their dreams. These women are articulate, know how to enjoy life, are optimistic, and are sure to spark your intellectual interest.

Let’s review 10 Must Know Tips about Nigerian women, dating, and what works versus what doesn’t when it comes to “seduction”.

1. Nigerian women are attracted to men that are well mannered, intelligent, and gentle.

They expect a man to not only know how to be gentle with the, but also those around them, so if you love kids or animals it would probably be beneficial – as affection and patience are key characteristic traits that they search for.

Also, it’s important that you again, not only know how to respect a woman, but also respect, and know how to treat them – which often observed by many starts at home.

That means if you have an especially positive relationship and bond with your mother, sister, or other female relatives that the likelihood she’ll be into you is much greater.

2. When dating a Nigerian woman it’s important to not only know when to give her space and independence, but also show her that you’ll always be there for her.

It can be especially beneficial and practical if you first start off as friends with a Nigerian woman, build up trust, and get to know each other first before diving into a relationship – or attempting to ask her out on a date.

African women yearn for a man that has the ability to be both independent but also know how to manage his time well enough to make room and energy for his woman, always ready to support, and love her.

Show your Nigerian date or lover that you can be strong, overcome obstacles, and challenges of any kind. They admire this and look for these traits in a man for the sake of “courting”, or considering a future husband.

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3. As an extension of the first tip, it’s vital to know that communication is key, and one of the most prized personality traits among men for Nigerian women. Nigerians are very intellectual, social, outgoing, and are very open about their feelings or desires with those they care about most.

Therefore, it’s ideal for you to behave, and think in a similar way so that you can find your perfect match! Know how to talk to your Nigerian date or lover, and if you don’t, explore and observe other Nigerian couples, see how they interact with one another, and take pointers.

4. Nigerian women enjoy a good conversation, but also a man with confidence, self-esteem, and the skills to not only create a conversation but hold one too.

They can be great talkers, and a joy to be around, but Nigerian women can also be very shy – especially if she’s just getting to know you. This is a great reason, as well as opportunity to learn how to make your Nigerian date or lover feel safe and secure.

Don’t be afraid to show this to her physically, through something as simple and ‘innocent’ as a holding of the hand, or wrapping your arms around her for a big hug to bid her farewell’ for the night.

Just keep it classy, be respectful, and don’t do anything if you are uncertain whether she wants or would be offended by it. Also, make it a point to not draw out your first date, as overdoing it can also push your Nigerian date or lover away.

5. Learning the right ways to compliment a Nigerian woman based on how other men in your community do, as well as getting to know your date or lover is critical to “seducing” or strengthening your relationship and creating a possible future together.

Because every woman is uniquely different, it’s pertinent that you do not assume certain things, jokes, or compliments will necessarily flatter her – or worse might even offend her.

The more you know about African culture, women, and how different types of women act or interact with one another, the better.

6. Nigerian women are very optimistic and likewise enjoy positive company. Therefore, always be on your best behavior when out and about on a date, or spending time with your Nigerian girlfriend.

African women are very perceptive, so if you’re not feeling like your ‘best’, don’t be afraid to reschedule the date for a brighter, happier day.

Remember, how you act, think, and treat others when in the company of your Nigerian woman is likely how she’ll begin to respond as well – so the last thing you want to do is kill the mood.

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7. Going off of optimism and a positive, happy relationship make it a point to surround yourself with positive people while you visit or live in Nigerian, as your date or lover will more than likely pick up on, and judge your relationship potential based on the type of people you surround yourself with – how you treat them, and how they treat you.

8. Nigerian women are typically very fashionable and enjoy contemporary arts and culture. Therefore, don’t hesitate to take her out on a date to the local theater, an art gallery, or other comparably classy, or even professional environment where you both might have the opportunity to enjoy the culture and even learn something new!

9. If this is your first time dating an African woman you might pick up on the fact that they are very big on eye contact, will speak their mind, and expect the same communication and level of respect from you.

Nigerian women like to be heard, so be sure you engage her, stare her in the eyes (not chest), and show a genuine interest in her likes, dislikes, and what is interesting to her. After all, this will both make for better conversation, as well as strengthen your relationship and understanding of one another.

Also, try keeping chatter about yourself to a minimum. While she’ll absolutely be interested in learning more about and getting to know you, leave room for curiosity, interest, and try to create a reasonable balance between the two of you.

10. Lastly, keep in mind that Nigerian women absolutely do not like feeling pressured, or smothered. So, make sure you give her sufficient space, independence, but also trust – she’s worth it. If she’s going out on dates regularly with you and keeping in touch with you daily or more, then the chances are she has her eyes set on you and you only.

Nigerian women are not typically promiscuous, and from a traditional standpoint, this makes sense. Remember, they do not like a “needy” man, so while living or visiting Nigeria continue to live your life, activities, and responsibilities out day to day as you normally would at home.

Extra Tip: Generally speaking, Nigerian women are quite humble, know how to live on a budget, are often raised in relatively poor environments, and are therefore typically inclined to know how to have cheap, and affordable fun.

And while it’s nice to take her out to nice or fancy places, don’t overdo it. Try taking her out for a little to no cost adventure, and see if the two of you have the same bond and enjoy each others company.

This will help you filter out unruly, or Nigerian women after your money or perhaps other ulterior motives, and also help her root out insincere, self-inflated, or materialistic men beyond her liking which she may have experienced in the past.