Hot African Girls

Hot African Girls

Hot African girldo alot of girls care about this?

ok im african and i got an accent and im afraid to talk to the hot African girls becuz of my accent im not sayin im ugly of anything most of the girls like me but when i talk to them i think about my accent how do i sound and thinking she might laugh or lose interest in me becuz of my accent.

A long time ago this girl used to laugh at my accent and since then my confidence talking to girls lowered. does accent matter alot?

most girls like accents! what are you talking about?!

I’m so bored SOMEONE please talk to me!

Haiti: Pain, protest, planning for the future Wanda gave it a high unemployment rate for Haitians, these capabilities with skilled and unskilled, and before the earthquake. For a government to an official representative of the BAI, the withholding food is a way to motivate lazy people was looking for a handout, to work to receive a gross misread say is the problem.


African Beauties

Black Singles Online Dating

Black Singles Online Dating
So…Am I ugly b/c im ugly or ugly b/c im dark skinned? Pt.1

Nigerian Dating Questions:

Which is the best dating website Online ?

Please recommend me a website.

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I have been using this dating site for years now……and it is the best of all.
Worked very good for me.


Dating A Black Women – Online Dating for African Americans

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When you are looking for a black singles dating community, make sure that you register with one that is built to your needs.  The site should make your time searching for your match fun, interesting, and easy.

Because of the advantages of online dating, singles are now looking for other singles online.  Dissapointment is a big problem dating singles face because the people they go out with don’t reach their standards.  In contrast, Dating A Black Women takes care of this problems because it matches you with other people who are like you, who have your same interests, and this gives you a greater chance of making a relationship work.

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You can really meet other black singles with the help of Dating A Black Women.  Online dating websites can really healp you to make real connection with singles who are similar to you in interests and in thoughts.

A great number of these Dating A Black Women have helped to create successful couples and even marriages through their match-making services.  Online dating websites for singles can help you find that short-term or long-term romance you want.

So if you want to get started with online dating, just get an account set up for free at your favorite online dating site.

Dating Sites In Nigeria

Dating Sites In Nigeria
Dating Sites In Nigeria

Anyone else been scammed by Romance Scammer from Nigeria or anywhere else?

I was a member on a date site and received an email from a good looking guy in a picture. Claimed to be an American whose lived in UK and now works for the oil companies in Irag and Nigeria. Claimed to have attended the Univ of London but his grammer was horrible and he misspelled simple words like “expert” which he supposedly was. Any how after a few days of emailing he professes his undying love. Then a few days later he claims he’s in trouble needs to get out quickly because he’s afraid to get kidnapped but doesn’t have enough money for ticket. His employer is going to pay him but only in US Money Orders which he can’t cash in Nigeria. He becomes insistent that you send him money to help him get to back to US and to you his soulmate etc… etc… DON’T GET CAUGHT. Check out yahoo groups RomanceScams.

i had a 3 day chat with a nigerian romance scammer.

i got cute photos, a pathetic sob story about a girl raised by her aged pensioner father after her mother died during childbirth. “her” grammar and spelling were atrocious, until she copied/pasted love-quotes i googled and found on several sites.

i was asked to send $ so that she could get a webcam, or send a webcam, or send a cellphone. all of which i agreed to do (i lied.)

i was hammered with questions about my personal life – i think this was an attempt to obtain possible password data. ultimately, i was asked to provide my password. i finally got bored and made what is now the 2nd ignore entry on my chat list.

fortunately, i archived the chat, and am considering posting it as a cautionary tale.

Drum roll, please: The Top Web-fraud of the decade "men," he said, "something must have corrupted one, since they were still not born wolves, and they have the wolves. "-Voltaire, Candide is one of the less pleasant aspects of our Online Age of Anxiety that receive most of us now anonymous e-mails on a daily basis from people on their favorite, as it would rob us as soon as is technologically possible silly. Lately, I've always a rush the wrong …

Nigerian Singles

Nigerian Singles
Nigerian Singles

Meet Nigerian Singles

Like this ?!! (See Details)?

conversion, catalatic converter to standard exhaust system?
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Can you b n love wit 2 guyz at da same time?
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why is louise k so silly?
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How did we get our cuss words?
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are u a nigerian holla at me?
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conversion, catalatic converter to standard exhaust system?
Asked by taco1160 – 0 answers – Maintenance & Repairs – 2 minutes ago please find web site?
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omg this is a weird question but no

Singles Online Dating

Singles Online Dating
Singles Online Dating

Free Single Online Dating

Being a single in a world full of lovers can be a predicament too difficult to endure. However, free single online dating services have stepped in as a ray of hope for millions of such singles around the world, who can now end their loneliness by finding a perfect soul mate.

There is no dearth of online dating websites, which offer free dating services to singles. However, sometimes, quantity can overpower quality, making it very difficult for you to really find the best free single online dating service in the cyber world. However, you can get the best deal by taking a few things into consideration when choosing a website.

  • Understand your options.You cannot really understand the advantages of free single online dating without being on the scene of action. Hence, you should understand exactly how the system works and what are the different types of singles online dating websites by getting more information about the matter from the Internet.
  • Understand your preferences.Many people keep on gravitating from one website to another without really understanding their own dating preferences. While some people are interested in only casual relations, others are on a look out for more serious long-term relations. You need to find a website that can truly fulfill all your expectations regarding dating.
  • Check out the benefits.There are some websites, which only offer free single online dating option wherein they allow you to create a profile and then give you freedom to check out the other profiles to find the best match. However, some other websites take upon themselves the complete responsibility of finding and arranging for you a perfect date according to your given profile. Hence, you need to choose a website which can offer you additional benefits that are the most appealing to you.
  • Understand the risks involved.Even the safest and the most reliable online dating website cannot guarantee you a risk free form of dating. Hence, it is essential that you understand all the risks involved and accept them, before you take the plunge. Also, when you accept the risks, you can be more cautious when finding love in the cyber world.
  • Read the terms and conditions.Many websites have the terms and conditions of their own, which you have to accept, before you are allowed to proceed ahead. Many people simply rush through the terms and conditions without a backward glance. This should be avoided, as you can learn a lot about the website and its attitude by understanding the terms and conditions involved.

Free single online dating websites don’t exist for charity. However, they play a phenomenal part in helping the love starved and deserving singles from around the world to finally meet their true love. Despite this, one should be very careful when arranging a real life date with cyber lover. By taking some minimum precautions, you can enjoy online dating and can even find a perfect soul mate who can allow you to blindly fall in love, without enduring the risks involved.

Too many online singles dating sites out there. How do I choose?

Over the past 12 years or so, I have tried:, OkCupid, Yahoo Personals, Plenty of Fish, eHarmony, Craigslist, True and probably some others that I can’t think of right now.

Out of that bunch, the one that has worked best for me has been They have tons of members, there aren’t many spammers or bots on there, and they have good features. I like that I can quickly sort through many members, and when I find ones that interest me, I can usually message and arrange to meet them within less than a week. (I used eHarmony for 6 months, and only met two women!) I didn’t meet my current girlfriend on, but I met many very nice women, and at least got out really often!

If you try out any online dating site – especially – I have written a great deal of advice & tips about based upon my experiences at

Meetcha "Get Back Out There survey:" Adult Singles Dating search, relationships and more sex, not necessarily …, a new social dating site today released the results of their "Get Back Out There Dating, Sex and Romance Survey". Â More than 400 adult singles * participated in the survey, their attitude toward relationships explored today versus when they were younger, how satisfied they were with their sex lives as other singles and dating scenarios that they prefer are.

Nigerian Girls

Nigerian Girls
Nigerian Girls

Nigerian Dating Questions:

do Nigerian men love fat girls?

do nigerian men love fat girls case in phat girlz the men loved the girlz even though they where big like me so i was jw

I think the movie Phat Girlz was exaggerated, not saying that men don’t love big women but come on now, that handsome Nigerian man picking Monique over the smaller girl, that’s pretty hard to believe.

Nigerian Women-How to Attract and Keep Them

Hi dude, thanks for stopping by.My names are Anthony Ogunde and am about to tell you a secret no woman (dead or alive) would want you to know.

More than one hundred years ago, Sigmund Freud the father of modern day psychology said that there was a question that he does not have an answer to. The question was, “What do women want?”

With all due respect to Freud, I sincerely think he was asking the wrong question. The question that he needed to ask should have been “What do women respond to?”

Have you noticed that if you asked a woman “What is it that she want in a man?”, she would say something like “I want a Good guy, honest, caring, hard working and fun loving e.t.c

But you and I know that a lot of the most beautiful women in the world seem to be attracted to men who are complete opposite of the type of man they claim to want.

If like me, you are fond of the cable channel “E”!, you would have noticed that most of the top models of our time seem to be attracted to drug addicted, violent and crazy men, who necessarily do not treat them nicely.It is also shocking to know that most, if not all of the very attractive ladies ever interviewed in TV history has admitted to being attracted to “BAD BOYS”. Are you with me?

The truth is that there is a very big different between what a women claims to like and what they actually RESPOND to. Women are complicated and have a mixture of conflicting drives going on in their minds.

Women are not logical beings. I mean unlike men, a woman would responds to a situation emotionally first before analyzing it logically.

To get more information about this topic, go straight to my website. Thank you

Nigerian Dating Websites

Nigerian Dating Websites
Nigerian Dating Websites

The Most Common Nigerian Online Dating Scams

When people talk about online fraud, the word “Nigeria” is almost never far behind.  It is, after all, the birthplace for much of the fraud plaguing online dating sites around the world. The reality though is that Internet scams are a complex problem, and today can come from various countries within Africa, Asia and Europe. While most dating websites have taken aggressive steps against these fraudsters, your best defense remains knowledge, early detection and prevention.

Here is a guide to some of the most common “Nigerian” online dating scams.

The Nigerian Letter (or the “419 fraud”)

The most famous Nigerian scam was also one of the first used on the American public.

Essentially, the scam involves someone asking you to help wealthy associates move money with your bank account. They will promise you a large share of the overall sum moved, and then persuade you into sending money to cover the additional costs needed to bribe officials and avoid delays. Of course, no matter how much money you’ve invested in the “deal”, the promised transfer never happens (and the money or wealthy person doesn’t actually exist). These scams are often very intricately planned, and put into action through a network of people, which can make them very difficult to properly track. Please be extremely wary of communicating with anyone who proposes such a deal.

Money for the beloved (but sick) relative

One of the simplest but most effective online scams revolves around the goodwill of singles. Once the scammer has established a good level of trust with you (this may take days, weeks or even a matter of minutes), they will begin to describe a medical emergency affecting someone in their family. Though the family member described may differ, this scenario always revolves around the need for financial help. No matter what they tell you, or how genuine and sincere they seem, do not get suckered into sending money for someone’s supposed medical care.

Stuck in a foreign (but always African) land

By far one of the most famous African-based scams involves making victims believe the scammer is an American trapped in a foreign land. Often pretending to be a white male or female, the fraudster will usually claim to be some sort of specialist, technician, or model working in Africa. The fraudster will ask you to help them get “home” by paying for visas, planes, trains, boats or any other means of transportation and accommodation. They will most often make it seem as if they are in very dire straights. Remember though, no matter how desperate they seem, someone in a truly serious, life-threatening situation would not be chatting on a dating site.

The Sweetheart Scam and Money Orders

A variant of the fraud detailed above is officially known as the Sweetheart Scam. It too involves a person stuck in Africa, but the “single” this time is a worker having trouble cashing money orders. The Sweetheart Scammer will ask you to deposit these money orders into your bank account and then wire him or her the money. He (or she) may even tell you to keep some money for yourself, to pay for the trouble. Before they get to this point though, they will have spent a lot of time trying to woo and seduce you (including sending cheap gifts like flowers and chocolate). The money orders, you should know, are never worth anything. Once your money is wired, you will likely never hear from your “sweetheart” again.

Shipping help

Because U.S. merchants are now wary of shipping anything to Nigeria, scammers are often looking for middlemen to move goods purchased with stolen credit cards or through hacked EBay accounts. Do not, under any circumstances, agree to send packages to Africa for someone you meet on an online dating site. Aside from getting stuck with postage fees you will never be compensated for, you are also participating in a crime.

Though it may seem scary to think there are people trying to defraud online daters, it should be noted that scammers make up only a small amount of the millions of singles looking for love online. Keeping some of these common scamming methods in mind will help you avoid getting stuck in a difficult situation. Always proceed with caution, and make sure to never send money to anyone.

Mitch Conway is the author of The Go-Getter’s Guide To Finding Your Soulmate, the first dating guide designed to help singles save time and become more proactive at meeting people. To find out more, visit

Nigerian Courtship and Relationship Traditions?

For my human services class, we are researching other countries traditions. Does anyone know anything about Nigerian relationships and dating? Or any websites that may help? Thank you.

well i know some things. it is very important in nigerian culture for the parents to know the background of the person you want to marry. this is to make sure that they are suitable and that there is not a history of mental illness in their family. also, it is v important to treat your in-laws as family. so for example, a womam will call her in-law ‘mummy’.

i’ll add some more as i remember

conventional sex roles are also very much practiced in nigerian culture. the woman is expected to cook and the man is the main provider. they find that having clear roles leads to a happy relationship and i have seen it work myself.

there is also a lot of pressure for a newly married couple to produce a child as a mother’s greatest joy is being alive to see a grandchild born.

i wish you good luck with your assignment

Nigerian Single

Nigerian Single
Nigerian Single

The Nigerian Roads, Screaming for Urgent Attentions

Roads in Nigeria have truly become what we now refer to as death traps, which cause that typical vehicular and human traffic jam, the type you have never heard or seen all your life. The situation described here is worst in Lagos, Ibadan, Port-Harcourt, Onitsha (Head-Bridge) and Benin City. You can expect much more intense traffic jam even along high-ways, especially the now infamous Benin-Ore Road, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway etc, anyone who for satisfaction of his curiosity can drive around and take a look at what the people of the country call “Go-slow.” It is this word Go-slow that this article will use to describe this situation.

These Go-slow may sometimes be artificial with no visible cause in sight. You arrested by this hold-up for several hours, sweating and instantly removes your jacket, instead you receive stuffy air much to your discomfort, and as you manage to gradually drive to the beginning of it all, while hoping to find that large object which has blocked the entire road, you discover nothing much to your amazement except maybe a pot-hole. You suddenly discover yourself join others in swearing and cursing which in the end yields, only for you to become hooked up in another Go-slow some few metres away from the previous scene.   

Once I was in a commercial bus, driving from Festac Town across the Festac-Amuwo link bridge, after experiencing a stand still for several hours on this road, it was time to drive on, suddenly we noticed that a particular private bus did not make moves like other vehicles now jostling like the heavens was open for self-acclaimed righteous to enter but there was a much more difficult snag, the private bus driver was not driving, surprisingly, the man was noticed resting his head on the steering of bus, while other vehicles maneuvered their ways out of his stationary position and as usually, tongues began to wag, was he dead or strangely had slept off? As it is typical of Nigerians, other passengers began to pray for him, though no one attempted to come down and verify what the problem was with him.

We can at best qualify the kind of Go-slow we find in Lagos as “made in heaven” this kind of Go-slow is not found in anywhere else, in fact, Lagos is the king of Go-slow. Every single available road in Lagos appears to be designed with Go-slow as its major target. No journey which requires plying the Lagos road would take you less than one hour, no matter how short you may consider it. Interestingly, the people of the State plan their daily routine, which requires plying the roads with Go-slow. The more usual excuse to tender upon late arrival to work is go-slow, just mention it and your Boss will readily agree with you, or will narrate his terrible experience to you.

Rather than expand these roads to accommodate more vehicles and allow free flow of vehicles, the Lagos State Government demarcated and further reserved a portion of the road which it named BRT routes, this is a fine idea, but with this portion of usually narrow and congested roads reserved for Lagos Government Buses, the implication is the rest of the other vehicles struggle to utilize what is left for them.

One major reasons the Lagos roads has become home of Go-slow is abandonment by the federal government, the Nigerian Government rather than consider the once capital of the federation as its maintenance priority, the federal government considers all affairs having to do with the State as a matter for the people of the State, yet Lagos State continues to host, accommodate and shelter politicians and their families. Lagos can pass as a State in the country where every politician of high profile have one form of business or the other, yet it State which is the commercial nerve of the country is deliberately stagnated in oblivion.

The long stretch of road, the Lagos-Badagry Expressway, an international route which links the country with Republic of Benin is the worst route anyone can ply. From Mile II down to Okokomaiko, your troubles begin, this narrow road is never free, and most parts of the roads have been taken over by humans who trade. It has been suggested that the best period to ply the route is before 5.00am when you assume every other person still sleeping. Suddenly we heard there were plans to expand the road; suddenly nothing is heard again from the federal government.

Generally, Nigerian roads require urgent attentions, now that Christmas is at hand when we expect quite a lot of persons to travel to their hometowns for the holiday, Nigerians are panicking because they are aware of the level of inconveniences they will encounter on our roads as vehicles are sometimes seen alternatively moving from the road and plying farmlands in villages to beat Go-slow. Benin City has also emerged as one Go-slow den that drivers must avoid if they are to at least arrive home at a reasonable time rather than kill their time in stationary traffic jams. It beats our imagination that the State Government has still not found solutions to this traffic jam problems in the ancient city of Benin.

We know that our government cannot suddenly and magically supply solutions to the road needs in the country especially now that Christmas is at hand but they can do a lot to better the lives of the people who pay taxes, and are naturally entitled to living good lives like their counterparts in other parts of the world, it is for this reason that we call on the various governments of the States of the federation and the federal government to urgently arrest the bad situation of roads in the country to reduce the number of deaths and maiming that occur on our roads as a result of motor accidents by reconstructing, re-planning and  expanding these roads.

We have also noticed that in other countries of the world the Police do not stand in the middle of the road while performing their functions, rather these officers are well positioned by road sides where they quietly discharge their duties with the traffic flow unhindered. Street traders have also occupied more than half of our roads, with the remaining half left for vehicles. This must be discouraged. Most times, I wonder why our government cannot procure and manage traffic control lights like it is done in other countries of the world, if this is provided with the Police quietly monitoring the situation, a lot of stress will be saved the traffic warders who must be relaxed while performing their road duties. Until we stick to these, we shall continue to entertain panics before and when on the Nigerian roads. Pray against hypertension.        

Beyoncé – Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) AFRICAN REMIX!!!

2010 Nederburg Auction Prices on a New High
A new record price for a South African wine and a steep increase in prices marked the 36th Nederburg Auction, held in Paarl on 3 and 4 September 2010. Overall income jumped to R5, 683 810, up 41% from the just over R4 million fetched last year.