How To Meet Nigerian Girls Looking For Men

Sexy Nigerian model in redAccording to the internet trends in the last few years, international dating sites have experienced a considerable increase in the number of Nigerian girls looking to meet men online.

This is because most Nigerian women are seeing North American and Western European men as very successful and handsome people who can offer them a better life. If you are a man living outside of Nigeria but you want to meet and date some of these ladies, here are a few simple but very effective tips for you:

Where to Meet Nigerian Women Online

Unfortunately, most of the Nigerian dating sites are aimed at people who live in this country. Therefore, unless you speak their language, any of these sites would be useless to you.

However, the numerous Nigerian girls who are looking for foreign men will join the biggest international dating sites. This is why you should join an international dating community too. There are several sites that have millions and millions of members from all around the world, and a considerable part of them are Nigerian women.

Once you have joined one of these dating communities, all you have to do is head over to the browse section and search for a Nigerian girlfriend.

You can narrow your search and only see the women from a specific country or area, such as Africa or Nigeria only. Then you will be able to freely send fiend invitations, instant messages or emails. The instant messages are definitely the most effective if you want to chat with a Nigerian girl in real time.

Take Advantage of the Latest Technologies to Find a Nigerian Girlfriend

Even though not many people are aware of this, the largest International dating sites are now using profile matching technology. This means that all the information you enter in your profile will be used to match you with other people that you might be interested in. Moreover, your profile will be automatically sent to the people you are matching the most.

With this in mind, all you need to do is write in your profile that you wish to get in touch with Nigerian women looking for men. Most dating sites will send your profile to these girls within just a few hours of joining the community.

In conclusion, remember that you do not have to join a Nigerian dating service to meet girls from this country. Since the internet is very popular in this African country, there are many women who are using their webcams and microphones to chat with foreign men on International dating websites, where you do not even have to pay anything to get inside a huge online community.

tempting nigerian bikini girls

How To Win The Hearts Of Hot Nigerian Girls

Oluchionweagba - nigerian modelThere are many African women scattered in most countries in the world. A considerable number of them are very attractive especially when it comes to the hot Nigerian girls. Nigeria is a diverse country which has several different cultures and different types of girls. The country largely interacts with the rest of the world and that is why many men all over the world may have already interacted with Nigerian ladies.

Nigerian girls are very desirable and that’s mostly because of their magnificent physique, charisma and exemplary behavior. If you are a man and you know a hot Nigerian girl, then you must be wondering how you can get her to date you. For most people, the little knowledge they have on African girls discourages them from making a move on the ladies.

To effectually date a particular group of girls, one must have a wide knowledge on the expectations and preferences of those girls in regards to their partners.

Dating hot Nigerian girls is simple, just like it is when it comes to other ladies in the world. Every lady hopes to meet that one Prince Charming, fall in love, get married and live ‘happily ever after’. Therefore men are assigned the task of proving to be the princes so as to win the girls’ hearts. Nigerian ladies hope to meet the men of their dreams too. All you have to do to date a Nigerian girl is prove to have the qualities she would want in the ‘man of her dreams’.

This task however, should not be blindly done. One has to effectively plan on the relevant strategies on how to approach the Nigerian girl. The first and most crucial planning aspect is to understand the particular qualities that Nigerian girls desire in men. The Nigerian culture is slightly different compared to Western cultures.

Cultural Differences When Dating Nigerian Women

For Nigerians, the man is usually considered as the head and most significant member in a family. He is supposed to be the protector of the family. In observance to this cultural aspect, the hot Nigerian girls look for men who fit this description. Unlike other girls who are attracted by money and a lavish lifestyle, Nigerian ladies are interested in men who seem to be strong, commanding and would be perfect husbands.

Another important aspect when it comes to dating Nigerian girls is responsibility. A Nigerian girl will only fall in live with a who has proven to be responsible enough. Unlike what most men may think, money and wealth is not a clear indication of responsibility.

A Nigerian lady wants a man who will protect her and has the ability to adequately provide for his future family. Additionally, he has to be good in solving different problems and be an excellent comforter during trying times.

It is also crucial to have a respectable and admirable attitude when approaching a Nigerian lady. Hot Nigerian Girls are very good in accurately assessing a man’s attitude. If you approach such a girl without exuding confidence, chances are that she will reject you. Confidence should not necessarily be linked to one’s looks. Someone who is not very good looking has a chance of attracting Nigerian girls if he is very confident when approaching and talking to them.

The best time for a girl to assess man’s attitude is during the time he approaches her. The approach you use will help a girl in deciding whether you seem to be a good husband material or not. One should adequately adjust his attitude to suit that of a man who is interested in a girl for a long term relationship.

It is also important to always focus on keeping the conversations positive. Finally, it pays to occasionally flatter a Nigerian girl. One should however keep the flatters minimal and avoid overdoing them.

Therefore, it is easy to make a move on hot Nigerian girls. All one has to do to win their hearts is develop his personality to fit these expectations. Once you do so, you will be very pleased to find out how accomodative and loving they are.

Best Nigerian Dating Sites

one-of-the-bestNigeria is often not thought of as a traditional country to look for international love but statistics show that it is a rising force in the world of international dating.

More and more Nigerian women are looking for men in western countries. With over 155 million citizens Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and the seventh most populated country in the world.

Because of this there is a huge amount of opportunity to find the right woman in Nigeria. Not only this but Nigerians are big users of the internet and are very comfortable meeting prospective partners in this way.

Here we will look at some of the best Nigerian dating sites operating in the industry today.

sexy naija website

One of the most popular Nigerian dating sites is Since being founded in 2005 Sexy Naija has grown to become the internet’s biggest free dating site for meeting Nigerian partners. This site has a number of really great features such as instant messaging, forums, blogs, and chat rooms.

This means that you are really able to get a good feel for your prospective partner before meeting them in person. The site is used by thousands of Nigerians to meet partners and for the most part features people are in professional occupations.

Nigerian Connect Website

Another popular Nigerian dating site is Nigerian Connect. Nigerian connect is specifically aimed at introducing Nigerians from all over the world to each other. It is also very popular with people are interested in meeting someone from Nigeria. It has a number of interesting features such as video, events which you can attend, news from the world of Nigerian dating, a hot or not section where you can judge potential partners looks and a search function where you can look through the thousands of women on this site.

International Love Scout Nigerian Dating Site

Although International Love Scout is not strictly  Nigerian dating site, it does have a great selection of Nigerian women from some of the top African dating sites online. They take a different approach than most Global dating sites – they aggregate women’s dating profiles from multiple dating sites on the net, so the site can end up saving you hours of searching.

The Beauty Of Hot Nigerian Girls

Hot Nigerian Girls – And You Can Date Them!

Beautiful Nigerian women in sexy dressSo you’re getting a little tired of the same old same old breed of girls that are populating your hometown, eah? You’re ready for a bit more adventure, something that will really re-light that fire that’s been burning low as you take on easy pickings of home?

Or maybe you’re looking to settle down with a beauty that is unmatched in your hometown, nothing that your friends or neighbors would even consider. Something that you feel is probably out of your league, but the chance at the chase and the victory is just too much to keep you from going for it.

Well let me tell you something about hot Nigerian girls – you’d be hard pressed to find a more beautiful kind of woman anywhere on this planet. These women are strikingly beautiful, dangerously smart, and full of life and powerful energy.

Don’t believe me? A bit skeptical are you? Go fire up a new tab with Google and search “Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant”. I’ll wait, and be more than willing to accept your apology for doubting me. Go ahead, do it.

Convinced? I thought so.

Now there are other traits aside from their almost otherworldly beauty that make Nigerian girls a real pleasure to date and marry – they are incredibly faithful and loyal. Nigerian women have been Raised to respect and care for their loved ones, and they are not afraid to go to great lengths to show their companions just how much they mean to them. Very proud women, they are the kind that once won over will walk to the ends of the world to make sure that you’re happy.

But what are these beauties going to see in you?

very hot nigerian girl in redWell hopefully they see a real man, someone who is going to love them, provide for them, and take care of them. They are proud women, and won’t handle disrespect or displays of “softness” easily.

Don’t take this to mean that they aren’t looking for your love and affection, because they are, but they are also looking for warriors – literally and figurative – men they can be proud to stand beside throughout the rest of their days.

Take care of a your Nigerian girlfriend, and she’ll take care of you.

Something else to remember is that Nigeria is one of the poorest countries in the world, and these women are looking for a better life somewhere else, with someone who’s going to be strong enough to share a new life with.

If you’re sick of being lonely, and are ready to build a new life with a strong and beautiful women, Nigerian women are some that you may want to look into. Filled with exotic beauty and powerful sensuality, if you can unlock the code and bring a Nigerian girls home, you’re going to be in for one hell of a wild ride.

Nigerian Girl

Nigerian Girl
Nigerian Girl


The Nigerian Media continues to thrive through various media houses. One of such is This Day News paper.

In the last few years they have continued to mesmerize Nigerians with their classic style of celebrating the annual This Day music festival, featuring Artists like Lionel Richie, Lemar and Diana Ross.

This year’s Festival was no exception. Sponsored by Arise Magazine and This Day News paper, the 2009 This Day Music Festival which featured Robert Sylvester Kelly, popularly known as -Kelly was such a phenomenon. The first leg kick started in South-Africa at the inaugural Arise Africa Fashion Awards before the two concerts in Sun City View in Johannesburg and Royal Grand Casino in Cape Town. The train later touched down in Nigeria. There was a command performance at the Federal Place Hotel on July 3 with the attendant concert at the Tafawa Balewa Square in Victoria Island Lagos on July 4.

The ladies couldn’t help screaming, as the guys whistled, howled, and hailed him, chorusing along his ever green songs. There is not an iota of doubt that R-Kelly charged the crowd at the Tafawa Balewa Square in Lagos on Saturday July 4 with his electrifying stage performance.

He is indeed a crowd puller; a show stopper and a great singer with a good stage craft worth emulating. He simply wowed the entire crowd with his magnificent performance.

Before now, the mere thought of having this great singer come to Nigeria or any other African country for that matter was like a tall dream. This was because it was rumoured that he had a flight phobia. Now how the organizers managed to pull this off remains a puzzle. At last, R. Kelly made it to Africa and even performed in two African countries, Nigeria and South-Africa, in five different concerts. Two shows in South-Africa and three in Nigeria

I’m happy to be in Africa. It is something I have longed for in a long time now. I am glad that I’m here but you guys made it happen”. Those were the words of R-Kelly when he addressed his fans in Lagos.

There is no denying the fact that he deserved all the warm reception and accolades that was showered on him it was actually a long and patient wait. So many accounts of events happened at the show. There wsa the account of a girl and a particular fine gentleman almost abandoned his girlfriend for her un-controllable emotions for R. Kelly. “Yes, I love you. I’ll follow you to America. I’ve missed you, I can’t wait to be with you” she yelled. The girl who was later identified as Linda continued her yearning in the presence of the guy who was initially condoning her but when he couldn’t bear it anymore; he had to walk out on her. She didn’t even seem a bit bothered until after the show when it dawned on her that he had abandoned her. Wondering how the saga ended? She was fortunate to have sighted him afar, she was later seen running after the guy and apologising all the way. So many other unaccounted details and experiences transpired during the show.

The concert at the TBS surely brought R-Kelly closer to his fans. He spent like an hour on stage and still couldn’t do justice performing the repertoire of great hits in his catalogue despite the fact that he didn’t perform the full tracks. He performed tracks like ‘I Wish, Gigolo, Happy People, Ignition, Fiesta, Your Body’s Calling, Bump n Grind, Step in the Name of Love, 12 Plays and many more. He later unbuttoned his shirt to unveil the monogrammed image of the late king of pop music, Michael Jackson, on a black inner T-shirt while he performed the Jackson’s famous ‘I Will Be There’ as a tribute to the legend who he confessed had inspired him tremendously. He capped it with a soulful rendition of ‘You Are Not Alone’ a song he co-wrote and produced with the late super star.

Despite the threatening rain on that fateful day, revelers still made their way to the TBS. They were trickling into the venue in their ones and twos till 11pm that evening.

Fully backed by a world class live band and back-up singers, the R& B king made the show quite a memorable one for all who were present. Some ladies shed tears when he made to leave the stage.

The story of R-Kelly is such an inspiring one. He might not have believed he would have been where he is today. He was raised by a single parent and growing up wasn’t easy.

Why are there so many Nigerian princesses?

There are 6 Nigerian girls at my school, all who say they’re technically considered princesses. One of them was saying that simply walking by a princess in Nigeria makes you a princess as well.

So what exactly are the qualifications to become a Nigerian princess? And if it’s so easy, isn’t every woman in Nigeria a princess?

Funny you should mention it, I received an email from one just the other day. Her uncle had left her fifty three gazillion pounds, and it’s mine, all mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, half of it, anyway.

Looks like my boat has finally come in.

Boy or girl? Change your diet, micro-management of sex – and other myths Pregnancy After I had my son, I really wanted a girl. When I get pregnant again, I was so convinced other XY was on the way that, when the doctor delivered our daughter (XX, that is) and announced how much I think man asked: "Is he kidding?" If I only follow a strict food from […]

Nigerian Girls Pictures

Nigerian Girls Pictures
Nigerian Girls Pictures

A Short History on African Film

During the Golden Age of Hollywood when some of the best masterpieces in motion picture history were being made, African filmmakers were not allowed to participate in making films. The era which lasted from the end of the silent period in the late 1920’s to the late 1950’s did not see a single film produced by an African director.

In fact, all of the early films that were composed by African filmmakers were not filmed in Africa. It was not until the 1960’s and 70’s that African directors broke free from their chains’ and started to make works of their own.

The reason that African filmmakers were denied the right to produce their own films in the early days was because many African countries were suffering under colonialism. European countries like France and Europe strictly prohibited Africans from producing their own films for fear that they would communicate to the world the horrible oppression they were suffering under colonialism.

As we mentioned, it was not until these countries achieved independence that their writers and artists could finally speak out. Before their independence, during the colonial era, most films about Africa were produced by Western filmmakers. These directors, most if not all of whom had never ever visited Africa, often showcased Africa as a wild land inhabited by wild beasts and savages. That is one of the reasons why Africa came to be known as the Dark Continent. And even though they knew almost nothing about Africa, it did not stop them from perpetuating baseless and unfounded myths and stereotypes about the land. Some of the most watched early films about Africa where: The African Queen, Tarzan, and King Solomon’s Mines.

Most African writers and directors were appalled by these early images and stereotypes that were being produced by non-Africans about Africa. This would serve as motivation for the first generation of artists who would achieve success after independence. Though few anti-colonial films were produced before independence and absolutely none were produced by African filmmakers in Africa.

At the end of colonization, everything changed. The first African motion picture to gain international acclaim was La Noire de (Black Girl). It was written and directed by Sembene, who hailed from Senegal and is still considered the father of African Cinema. Because mainly of his success, the African country of Senegal would be designated the unofficial capital country of African film making for decades.

Then in 1969, the African film festival (FESPACO) was established and gave a new forum to many talented African writers and directors. That same year the Federation of African Filmmakers came into being and created production and distribution networks that allowed African film to reach the masses.

Many of these early films dealt with subjects like colonialism and were therefore highly controversial. In fact, a number of them were banned for decades in former colonial powers like France. Nowadays many African films focus on the power and influence of tradition in African life. It is not uncommon or unheard off for an African film to address the role of women in traditional African communities and cities. But regardless of the subject been discussed, it is a huge relief to know that films about Africa are now being produced by Africans.

Nigerian people

Nigerian Scam?

I met a girl on Yahoo personals who said she was a nurse staying in Nigeria for a week for helping HiV patients. after chatting exchanging pictures for 1 week she said she wanted to come see me and would fly in to the bay area instead of san diego where she lived.

She then said she lost her purse in the embassy and asked me to wire $500 to help her pay her hotel and expenses. She called me 3 times and spoke with abritish accent but said she was from UK but moved to states 3 months ago. She said was 29 but when I asked when she graduated highschool she said 7 years ago.

In her pics she sent me they were linked to a site called hi-5 and i think by her mistake I looked at all the pics and saw some that she was wearing a shirt that said Seniors 06, I really like this girl but I think it might be a scam.

Now she says that I made her feel bad becuase I asked her questions to try to verify who she really is becuaes things don’t add up. LIke her age etc. Any thoughts? Anyone heard of this b4?

Yes this is a scam. She gets your trust up by saying all these nice things about coming to see you and how she loves you, etc. and then asks you to send money. The pictures she is using are just random ones she found online. C

hances are this person is really a guy posing as a girl and typing you messages from a script. The girl on the phone was probably an accomplice of some sort.

She is trying to guilt you into not trusting your gut by saying you made her feel bad about the questions you asked. The entire thing of her being based in Nigeria should be one HUGE red flag for you.

I am sorry you fell for this girl but cut all ties now and run before she/he suckers you into giving them money. Just as a tip, they never fly in to see you and just keep asking for more money because they got sick, lost their passport, family got sick, can’t afford a plane ticket, etc.

Stick to Legit dating sites and you will be alright – there are plenty of hot African girls ou there looking for real relationships.

Nigerian Dating Site

Nigerian Dating Site
Faze – Need Somebody – Anthem – Nigerian Love Songs – African Love Songs, Naija Music –

Nigerian Dating Questions:

Question about Nigerian Dating Scam?

Hi. I was surfing the net and happend to find this site. ( sorta interesting)
I do understand that western women thought they have met a sweet caring British male engineer who works for a construction company in Nigeria and eventually these women sent him money.
But I really don’t understand that thousands of western men sent money to a hot blonde female model who lives in Nigeria
I mean.. What kind of american female models do u think live in Nigeria? for what reason?
I just don’t understand how these men got tricked into sending money to nigeria.

They are horny, they are lonely, they are dillusional about their own looks, they are gullible, they are too trusting

There’s some guy on the Africa board caught up in this same scam who won’t believe people telling him he’s being conned out of thousands of dollars and this woman is never going to visit him, does not need money for her mother’s hospital bills, etc. You can point out the obvious and people still don’t want to believe it

Beware Of Scammers On Disabled Dating Personals!

Meeting new people from all over the globe is exciting! Dating sites have opened up new vistas for those seeking to make connections. This is especially true of the sites which cater to specific groups of people as they allow their subscribers access to a wider pool of people than they would otherwise come across. One such group of sites are those that pertain to disabled dating.

Disabled dating sites are a boon for differently able people. They provide a platform for social networking and make it easier for persons with disabilities to connect with others. A mere glance at the personals posted on the message board of any disabled dating website is proof enough that the sites cater to many different kinds of people, both disabled and non-disabled.

Disabled dating personals provide interesting insights to the wide range of thoughts and experiences of others. Many introductions through the personals have had happy endings. But the flip side – there are many scams and frauds.

One frequently quoted story is the famous 419 Nigerian Scam. Online daters were lured into making friends with young women, allegedly from the United States. After the initial introductions, the contacts would become increasingly personal until unsuspecting daters would find themselves cheated out of their money. It was ultimately discovered that the scammers were actually in Nigeria and not women at all!

As a group, disabled daters are quite susceptible to frauds. Scammers posing as attractive singles join the websites with the sole purpose of exploiting the vulnerability of disabled singles. Criminals too, often use dating websites intent on finding victims, especially for sex crimes.

Thus, almost all dating websites carry warnings and tips on how to spot such unscrupulous individuals. Common warnings advise subscribers not to divulge personal details online until they are familiar with the other person and not to post personal information on public message boards and personals. They also urge members to report cases of fraud or harassment so that appropriate action can be taken.

Scammers are not the only hazard on disability dating sites. With the sheer number of sites on offer, it is difficult to decide which site is legitimate. Potential daters are readily attracted to free sites. But one could suddenly find oneself faced with an unexpected bill at the end of the month. Or find that only the registration to the site was free and every other service or access to information comes with a substantial price tag!

Low cost dating sites do not invest much time in verifying the information that is posted on the personals. Thus profile details may not be true and it is quite possible that members are in for an unpleasant surprise when they finally meet their date in person. Sites offering introductions to exotic women from Asian and Eastern European countries are well known for this.

Offering exciting adventures, they attract unsuspecting men who one day wake up to find that after spending a fortune corresponding with a supposedly exotic partner, the woman herself does not actually exist! Thus the ultimate advice for all online daters – have fun but do not forget to exercise caution.

Hot African Girls

Hot African Girls

Hot African girldo alot of girls care about this?

ok im african and i got an accent and im afraid to talk to the hot African girls becuz of my accent im not sayin im ugly of anything most of the girls like me but when i talk to them i think about my accent how do i sound and thinking she might laugh or lose interest in me becuz of my accent.

A long time ago this girl used to laugh at my accent and since then my confidence talking to girls lowered. does accent matter alot?

most girls like accents! what are you talking about?!

I’m so bored SOMEONE please talk to me!

Haiti: Pain, protest, planning for the future Wanda gave it a high unemployment rate for Haitians, these capabilities with skilled and unskilled, and before the earthquake. For a government to an official representative of the BAI, the withholding food is a way to motivate lazy people was looking for a handout, to work to receive a gross misread say is the problem.


African Beauties